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History of Halloween

Everyone has their own customs and traditions with regards to Halloween. Parties and costumes are popular customs and traditions, but many people will be shocked to realize that the history of Halloween is situated strongly in various spiritual beliefs. According to the history of Halloween, the name Halloween came from All Hallows Eve, the night before All Hallows Day.

The history of Halloween can vary depending on what area you live in. Different areas have different customs and traditions that represent Halloween and their spiritual beliefs for them. The history of Halloween can be mapped through the customs and traditions of these areas.

The history of Halloween seems to have originated and evolved from the Samhain festival, which is a Celtic festival, which is also big in many areas of spiritual beliefs. Samhain celebrated the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture and allowed them to get ready for the winter by tallying and storing supplies. Parties and costumes seem to have originated from this festival as well, which involved bonfires; these parties and costumes began to be included in customs and traditions because they were an attempt to mimic any evil spirits or appease them, if their spiritual beliefs called for it, to make sure the evil spirits wouldn’t curse them. The Romans had their own customs and traditions that merged with the Celts when they took over the area.

When these customs and traditions began to move to America with immigration, they evolved further. One of the biggest customs and traditions that developed throughout the history of Halloween is trick-or-treating. The most popular of the customs and traditions involves dressing up and going to houses for candy. This is very reminiscent of “souling,” a practice that involved poor folks going door to door getting food in exchange for prayers. Souling was a major part of spiritual beliefs in Ireland and Britain, among other places. As America adopted its own history of Halloween, it became a holiday that focused more on community-building and events instead of about warding off any evil spirits.

Customs and traditions have evolved throughout the history of Halloween to become the Halloween that we know today. What used to be a holiday focusing on spiritual beliefs is an opportunity for spending time with friends at parties in costumes. Halloween is an opportunity to dress up and have fun with friends and family, emphasizing the community aspect of the holiday. Everyone can enjoy Halloween without belonging to a certain religion or having specific spiritual beliefs. Today, the biggest requirement for Halloween is to have a great costume and enjoy eating candy.