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Pumpkin Carving


  • Pumpkin
  • Pattern
  • Spoon
  • Tape
  • Push pin
  • Sharp knife or pumpkin saw
  • Pumpkin lights


  • Choose a pattern you want to use for the pumpkin you are going to carve.
  • Get yourself a pumpkin that is big enough for the pattern you just chose.
  • Put your pumpkin on newspaper for easy clean up.
  • Clean the outside of your pumpkin with water to remove dirt.
  • Cut a hole in the top with a knife for the lid to create the jack-o'-lantern effect.
  • Pull out the seeds and stringy membrane with a spoon until it is cleaned out.
  • Make sure your pumpkin is at least an inch thick in the areas you’ll be carving.
  • Tape the pattern to the pumpkin. The pattern should be slightly folded to fit on a rounded pumpkin.
  • Poke holes through the pattern using a push pin. You can stick to a distance of 1/8" apart. In case of a more complicated pattern, poke holes even closer to each other.
  • Remove the pattern from the pumpkin.
  • Start carving your pumpkin. Take your time and follow the pattern edges carefully. Turn the knife slightly as you’re carving to make the curves.
  • To remove the pieces you just cut out, push them out from the inside.
  • Place the pumpkin lights into the carved pumpkin to make a jack-o'-lantern.


Please remember to carve only the areas in black. The white spaces will need to remain on the pumpkin untouched.