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Scary Halloween stories

With Halloween comes scary Halloween stories. These urban legends have had a place in Halloween tradition and lore since the beginning of the holiday and celebrating Halloween in NYC is no different. These scary Halloween stories take on a life of their own with the prep and energy that goes into Halloween in NYC, almost to the point where they would seem like true legends.

What are urban legends?

Urban legends are generally, by definition, untrue. People tend to put a lot of stock in urban legends and see them as true legends. What generally happens is urban legends are inspired by a true event and evolves into something much larger and more terrifying. Urban legends feed off people’s worst fears in such a way that makes them afraid to turn off the lights and go to sleep. As Halloween in NYC begins to come alive, urban legends take on a life of their own and become much more intense.

Famous urban legends

There are many famous urban legends that have become popular scary Halloween stories. The first is the legend of Bloody Mary. As far as scary Halloween stories go, this one is one of the most well-known. This legend states that if you say her name three or more times in a dark room, she will appear in a mirror and your death will be inevitable. As with most urban legends and scary Halloween stories, the legend of Bloody Mary can change, depending on who is telling it.

Another popular story amongst famous urban legends is that of the doppelgängers. It’s said that coming in contact with your doppelgänger is a bad luck or an omen of death. doppelgängers have a variety of consequences in different versions of scary Halloween stories.

Halloween in NYC

These urban legends and scary Halloween stories are popular amongst those celebrating Halloween in NYC. The parades and haunted houses that populate celebrations of Halloween in NYC bring these urban legends to life. Being scared is one of the best parts of Halloween in NYC and those creating haunted houses want to give you the scare of your life. Spending Halloween in NYC is an experience, thanks to those who work to bring the urban legends you know so well to life.

Urban legends are a huge part of Halloween, particularly of Halloween in NYC. That’s why people strive to find the biggest, scariest haunted houses. For one day a year, they want to see their fears based on these urban legends brought to life through haunted houses because they know that at the end of the day, they will get put back in the box and proven fake. It gives haunted-house visitors a chance to face these fears and accomplish them by making it through the house or the story alive.