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Homemade Zombie

Who doesn't love a zombie for Halloween? This horror staple makes for a great costume and, if done right, you could really give people a fright. You might think this is impossible without expensive makeup or a stuffy mask. In reality, however, you might be able to make some really impressive zombie makeup with household items found in your kitchen. Become the terrifying visage of the undead this Halloween on the cheap!

What you'll need:


  1. Determine which parts of your skin you intend to have exposed with your costume. Incorporating a torn shirt to your ensemble could help elevate the terror factor. Putting a wound in the same place as the tear is even better.
  2. Once you've decided how much skin to show, create outlines of your wounds (one by one) with a Q-tip dipped in the liquid latex.
  3. Place the fake skin over the liquid latex and use a hair dryer to set the makeup quickly.
  4. Apply fake bruises with a paintbrush around the wound to give it a more realistic appearance.
  5. Paint the skin with corpse paint to give it a putrid look.
  6. Dip your sponge in the fake blood and apply it to your wounds.
  7. Apply corpse paint with the paintbrush take your costume to the next level.

Remember, the more blood and gore you can add the better your zombie will look, so don't be shy!