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Creepy candles

Probably some of the easiest Halloween decorations that can be made as homemade decorations, the creepy candles require very little. Yet, thanks to the appearance of dripping blood, they instantly add a spooky atmosphere when they decorate a Halloween party. When you make decorations like these, you’d better remember how because everyone is going to want to make them too!

What you’ll need:

  • White candles
  • Red candles
  • Cup or small pail
  • Sand
  • Candlestick holders


  1. Fill a cup or pail with sand and put the white candles in them. The sand keeps the candles upright and prevents wax from dripping all over your work surface.
  2. Light the red candles and carefully drop the wax onto the top and sides of the white candle.
  3. Let the wax cool and repeat if you like.
  4. Make sure the wax is completely cool before you remove it from the sand so you don’t burn yourself.
  5. Find some older candlestick holders to give it a little more character.